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Student Award for Scholarship
Criteria for Evaluation

Name of Student: ____________________________

Rate the paper or scholarly endeavor for each category of question according to this scale:

______ 1. Clarity of problem statement. Is the research problem (or the purpose of the scholarly endeavor) clearly stated?
______ 2. Significance of the research problem (or the scholarly endeavor) to the library and information science (from either an applied or a theoretical perspective).
______ 3. Appropriateness of methods. Are the methods used by the author reasonable – consistent with experience and common sense? Free of bias?
______ 4. Findings and conclusions. Are the findings clearly stated? Are the author’s conclusions justified by the findings reported?
______ 5. General. Are grammar, spelling, and typing accurate? Is the report a clear exposition of what was done? Is it well organized? Is it objectively reported? Is it well written?
______ 6. Overall contribution to scholarship. What is the overall contribution of this paper or project to scholarship and knowledge in library and information science?
______ TOTAL